About TranToys.com

TranToys is the internet’s #1 website about shemale, hermaphrodite and trans sex toys.  This is one of several sex toy websites we run out of our brick and mortar stores in Michigan, USA.  You can find us online at FantasiesUntimitedOnline.com. You can find our main online store at PleasureCartel.com.  We have over 10,000 sex toys for sale there. 

We’ve been building websites and writing about sex toys for a LONG time, and have had several brick and mortar sex toys stores in Michigan for even longer.  We are experts in the field and love bringing joy and pleasure to the world by recommending the best sex toys in the universe.

We love shemale and hermaphrodite sex toy for many reasons, one the best is that these typs of sex toys are an nice and safe way for couples to experiment in the bedroom. Let’s say your wife or girlfriend wants a threesome but you don’t feel comfortable propositioning a third party for sex. Just get a sex doll with a big cock and you’re good to go.

Gone are the days of the reclusive weirdo holed up alone with a real doll. we can tell you from the amount of toys we point people to on our sites that everyone likes sex toys. AND, we can tell you from the amount of gay and shemale sex toys people buy that any stigmas against them are going away or are completely gone.

Many towns don’t have sex toy stores, and if they do, it can be embarrassing for people to go in them. This is where my sites come in.

We publish websites from our world headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan. Our sites are safe to browse without a lot of nudity on them. In fact, we try and keep all nudity off our sites. There are PLENTY of places on the internet to look at naked people, should you want to.  

Ultimately, we focus on the toys, which are definitely sexy in their own right. . .and getting sexier all the time. When you shop for a sex toy, we believe you shouldn’t have to be bombarded with pornography. We like to say that our sites feature VERY naked toys.

Thanks for visiting – and be sure to check out all our sex toy websites!

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