Cross-Dressing and Transsexual Clothing

Amazing Drag Queen Fashions for Fun and Pleasure

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There are several companies making clothing specifically for male cross-dressers, trans individuals, drag queens, and anyone else who likes to wear feminine clothing. These are generally dresses, pant suits, jackets, pants, etc. that are designed to look like women’s clothes, but are sized and laid out specifically for a man’s body.

You can find many different styles of clothing and pretty much any kind of woman’s clothing you can find you can find something similar made for a more masculine body. We’ve collected many dresses, skirts, and more for men below.

Cross-Dressing and Trans Clothing

These are links that will open the article of clothing in a new window for more info and pricing information. All of the clothes you see below are available on Amazon. This is a great collection so enjoy!



Hip Padding & Ass Shaping

Everybody love’s cross-dressing in dresses and lingerie. They feel sexy and slinky and instantly give you a luscious feeling when you slide into them. Fabrics and textures available in women’s clothing are just not available to men yet. Or, you have to look HARD to find them.

But dresses and negligees are definitely not the only cross-dressing tools available to you. These days there are many fun plaything for men looking to take more feminine attributes. One of our favorites is hip and ass padding for cross-dressing. These are exactly as the name implies – padding that is generally worn like underwear to give you a rounder shaped in the hips. These can turn a traditionally flat male ass into a curvy sensation.

We are big fans of these fun shape givers. Here’s a collection of hip and ass clothing for cross-dressers. The links will open this collection in Amazon. Thanks!


Gaffs & Cross-Dressing Panties

Gaffs are strong panties made specifically for men that cover up, or mask, the penis so it looks as though you have a vagina. There are all kinds, but we’ve recently seen gaffs shaped like actual pussy lips. You can get gaffs with prints on them, satin gaffs, extra strong gaffs, and more. They all have one thing in common. They hide your penis. \We’ve curated a selection of men’s gaffs below. These are some of our favorites……….


Newest Trans Sex Toys

Breast Forms

Sex Dolls

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