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There are several companies making clothing specifically for male cross dressers, transsexuals, drag queens and shemales. These are generally dresses, pant suits, jackets, pants, etc. that are designed to look like women's clothes, but are sized and laid out specifically for a man's body.

You can find many different styles of clothing for tran lovers and cross-dressers. Pretty much, any kind of woman's clothing you can find, you can find something similar made for a man. We've collected many dresses, skirts and more for men below.

Additionally, here are some great links about how men should size their clothese when looking at women's styles as well as some generally things to think about when adopting cross dressing into your life.

Crossdressing and Transsexual Clothing

These are links that will open the article of clothing in a new window for more info and pricing information. All of the clothes you see below are available at Amazon. This is a great collection . . . enjoy!

Guide to Crossdressing Hip Padding

Here's a great graphic of cross-dressing hip padding.