How to Select a Dildo

Best Gay Dildos, Best Shemale DildosWhen picking one out, pay special attention to the size of the dildo. They run from just under 5 inches long to massive one that are as big as a grown man's arm. We like our dildos about 7.5 inches long with a tip that is larger than the shaft.

We prefer a suction cup on the bottom which will make the cock more secure and let you use it on tables, in the shower, in the hottub etc. The nice thing about dildos with suction cups is that you don't have to use the suction cup if you don't want to.

We also like silicone or SexFlesh as dildo materials. Both are high-quality, with silicone being the best sextoy material we've found. SexFlesh is known for making great sex dolls, but has also ventured into the world of dildos. You can see a bit of their sex doll tech in the first few dildos below. Both silicone and SexFlesh feel great and when they are wet or lubed up, they feel very close to the real thing.

Both are wonderful sex toy materials.

One final thing to think about is do you want the dildo to be versatile? Do you want to use it in a sexual harness or perhaps use it with a sex machine (check out a wide selection of sex machines at If you do you'll want a dildo that is Val-U-Lok compatible.

Val-U-Lock was a standard in dildo manufacturing created by California Exotic meant to ensure that if you get one it will work across multiple devices. You can usually tell Val-U-Loc because they have a ridge around the based that affixes them to the harness or machine. realistic-dildo-size-chart

Ebony Realistic Dildos

Once you've had. . .well, you know the old saying. These ebony or black dildos are meant to do one thing - satisfy a particular type of craving. They are usually large, dark and veiny. . . the better to fuck you with.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a big black cock inside you, these ebony dildos are an easy way to find out without having to make any bad life decisions.

SexFlesh Realistic Penises, Dildos & Dongs

He's a collection of dildos made from SexFlesh - a great high end sex toy material. These are your basic large realistic dildos, albeit made of a very high quality sex toy material. They are squishy but still hold their shape and they feel VERY realistic, especially when they are wet or lubed up. We recommend water-based lubed for and SexFlesh sex toy - these dildos included - and definitely don't use silicone lube.

Realistic Penises, Dildos & Dongs

Check out this LARGE selection of LARGE dildos, dongs and dicks below. The links will take you to Amazon where you can order safely and discreetly.