Feeling a little wicked? Feeling like a night with a little, or a lot, of sexual play? These fetish toys are designed to bring out your inner wicked and playful sides at the same time.

We know they are not necessarily transsexual or transgender toys, but we like to support the idea of fantasy in all its forms and there is something about black leather, rubber and vinyl that seems to fit with strap on.

Yes, these fetish sex toys are dark. Yes, they're a little dangerous. But with the right partner and a good safe word, they could give you the thrill of a lifetime.

You'll find chastity toys for men and women, some amazing leather masks, feather ticklers, restraints of all kinds and more. If you like to dip your toes - or dive headfirst - into the darkside (fun side?), then you'll enjoy looking through this great collection of fetish toys.

Men's Chastity Fetish Toys

Want to give your partner complete control over your sex? Want to play some serious dominion and restraint games? These toys are a great way to lock your self in to BDSM sex play. They are pretty self-explanatory from looking at them. Just lock it up!

If you've roll-played everything under the sun and tried all the toys with your partner, then why not go the extra step with these high end chastity toys for the open-mined.

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Leather Clothing and Fetish Clothes

Bad to the bone, these clothes are the wicked fetish wear of your dreams. There are masks. There are leather fetish bottoms, leather tops, slave and master gear, and a whole lot stuff that is hard to classify but looks awesome and feels awesome and dark when you wear it.

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Restraints & Harnesses

One of the few things sexier than restraining someone is being restrained yourself. These are great toys that will keep you tied up and pleading for more. From furry handcuffs to full on restrain systems, these are toys that require a safety word.

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More Great Fetish & Chastity Sex Toys

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