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D Cup Full Vest Style Silicone Breast Form

Crossdressers Breast Forms for apparel Male to Female Fake Breasts Vest-style Silicone Breastplate

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  • The vest-style helps keep you more breathable, more comfortable, cooler than other Seal Crop top breastplate.
  • Worn with a soft cup, underwire, push-up, or demi-cup bras and an adjustable Necklace to ultimate for showing cleavage. Enjoy tight dresses with a deep neckline.
  • The silicone breast forms have an easy velcro bra-strap attachment at the back that is nice and thick/wide so it can be easily fitted on your own. Super stretchy design is easy to put on and wear.
  • At last an affordable silicone breastplate with realistic touch and appearance due to a newer silicone compound being used.
  • All breast forms are handmade and we carefully monitor the manufacturing technology at all stages.we created these breast forms for itself,and therefore knows exactly what we need for MTF transgenders,Cos-players,Queens and crossdressers,shows.

D Cup Full Vest Style Silicone Breast Form

This is one of the best full vest style breast forms currently available. They are made of high quality silicone, incredibly life like and are purportedly comfortable to wear. We’ve seen similar vest style breast forms on some of the more popular drag and cross dressing related television shows and think they are pretty amazing. Covering the neck line is simple with the right outfit and the shoulders disappear seamlessly under almost any shirt.

They are made to fit an average body size – someone between five and six feet tall, with a weight of 150-180 pounds. If you’re heavier, contact the manufacturer and see what larger sizes they have in this style.

They look very natural on the body. That’s the best thing about them. The breast are made of liquid silicone. This is medical grade and the material that doctors use in the plastic surgery of breasts. The breast forms have silicone filler. . . this means that there is a little more silicone IN the breasts itself. This would be where the breast tissue is. Ultimately, they look and feel real. They even jiggle.

With the right makeup, they will give you GREAT cleavage.

As we’ve stressed, these are killer breast forms. Some of our favorites. They are full vest style. This means you pull them over your head then disguise the seams with make up or clothing. They are popular and top line for top level queens and cross dressers. Very good stuff here.

Please note: This product is suitable for height 155cm-180cm. Weight, 55kg-75kg.

Product parameters:

Neck Circumference: 34cm
Shoulder Width: 36cm
Upper Chest: 95cm
Under Chest: 77cm
Product Length: 37cm
Breast: 12x12x6cm

Product weight: 1680g
Package weight: 270g
Total weight of parcel: 1950g

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