Transsexual Lingerie, Gaffs, & Padded Booty

Tuck it Away and Cover it Up

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Here is a great selection of transsexual, shemale and cross-dressing friendly lingerie for a wide range of uses. Though it may seem that the lingerie below is only for transsexuals or cross dressers these pieces have multiple uses and can be utilized easily by women and even for dress up play with a love doll.

It is indeed true that many of the lingerie that’s designed for women can also be used for males or mixed genders some of what we offer on this page is made solely for the purpose of cross dressing.

There are padded briefs available here that are often used by men to add more curve to their form but even women can find them of use since these pieces are merely giving additional padding and are meant to enhance any figure or form and of course the opera length gloves, corsets and cat suits/bodysuits are most certainly usable by any gender for all manner of events or roleplay.

 Men's Best Gaffs for Drag and CrossDressingThis collection is not complete in term of what’s out there for transgender, transvestites/crossdressers or women’s enhancing wear but we’ve certainly covered all the bases with padded panties and shapewear, various corsets, bodysuits, cat suits, gaffs, opera length gloves, backless and pouch panties, male thongs, pocket bras, standard shapewear, lingerie sets, girdles and stockings you’re sure to find a multitude of options for just about any event or night on the town.

We also curate wonderfully helpful things like gaffs which are specifically made to tuck away the male genitalia and coupled with a full body cat suit your maleness is undetectable even to a trained eye and there’s no fear of any unwanted slips or embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Or even some male specific, soft and silky, lady like panties and thongs in an array of colors to choose from.

Gaffs to Hide, Tuck Your Penis

Here are some great panties made to hide you cock – or tuck it away.  These gaffs are specifically made for men.  You can find some that are just meant to FLATTEN your front, some – the more popular ones, actually – give you a camel toe look. 

Corsets to Keep it All In Place & Set it Off!

Our corsets are also fantastic for multiple uses and genders since they are the kind most often used by women for waist training and are perfect for slimming a male waist down to give a man a more hourglass shape and with regular use will help you keep that shape to a noticeable degree even after the corset itself has been removed.

If it so happens that you’re on the lookout for something that we don’t carry on this page you’re welcome to meander through these Amazon links.

Drag & Cross Dressing Lingerie

There is a lot of lingerie made specifically for drag and cross-dressing fantasies. There’s also A LOT of women’s lingerie that will work for men as well.

Generally,  drag and cross dressing lingerie that makes men look like women are those pieces that add curves to your body. Corsets are popular, as are padded hip panties, gaffs that hide the penis and sheer lingerie that accentuates and looks feminine.

We’ve curated a loosely organized collection of drag and cross dressing lingerie and fantasy underthings below. You’ll find a mix of those made specifically for cross dressing fantasies, as well as some women’s pieces that work great with men.  Clicking the links will take you Amazon.

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