Crossdresser Breast Forms – “Huge Boobs”

F Cup Breastplate Drag Queen Silicone Breast Forms for Crossdressers (Silicone gel filling, White)

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  • SANBULE:Manufacturer direct selling.We Have Strict Quality Control and Skilled Workers.
  • QUALITY: Food grade silica gel,elastic cotton filler, lighter weight and easy wear.
  • [High Collar] The high collar setting makes you no longer worried about leaking your secret when wearing low collar clothes.
  • [Feature]Easy to put on and take off Can be stretched to 200%, silk floss filler, perfect shape,clear and straight clavicle line, touch like real human. Very soft and breathable; transfers body heat and stretches well to allow for long wear Please keep in mind that our product -- while durable -- is not indestructible.
  • After-Sales Service:We offered you the 15 days no reason return, if you want to repair your silicone breast after a long time, you just need pay for the post fee and we?¡¥ll repair it for you for free

Ivita has gained a reputation in the drag and cross-dressing communities for making amazing high-end silicone breast forms. These large breast fake boobs are some of their best.

There’s a lot to like about these breast forms. First, they are made of silicone. This is basically the same material that women’s fake boobs are made of. So these feel very realistic and because they are so big, there’s a lot of silicone here to touch and play with.

Because they are oversize, they come on a full vest harness. This makes them more stable and because the edges of the harness taper off, you don’t get bra straps under a dress, shirt or blouse.

The large breast forms have full size, realistic nipples that look great and feel very real when you run your hands over them.

One note – when you order these you’ll want to include a note with:

1: Your Chest Size
2: Your Height
3: Your Weight
4:The Cup size you want to be after wear this item

Then Invita will recommend a suitable size for you after received above information from you. This will ensure a great fit.

The silicone material, the full vest harness, the large size – all add up to make these very high quality cross-dressing breast forms. If you’re looking for a top end toy to change your identity, these breast forms from Invita are a good one to check out.

in stock
1 new from $158.99
as of October 21, 2020 2:53 pm
Free shipping

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