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King Mansion really raises the bar on this young lad with their solid TPE (thermos plastic elastomer rubber) male love doll. This life sized doll stands about 5’ feet tall and boasts a sturdy metal skeleton that’s lightweight and fully posable and he can hold those poses, no matter how unusual or complex, due to the firmness of his metal joints and the purposefulness of their construction. They are made to last for years and maintain any position for multiple rounds of play and repeated storing.

This is truly the best male doll we’ve seen come through our store and he’s a hand’s down favorite. He’s detailed so perfectly that it’s difficult to distinguish him from the real article. He’s healthy, lithe and fit with a full head of shiny hair and heavily detailed facial features. His well-toned form is impeccably hand painted and detailed, sculpted and designed by experts to offer and award winning sex doll that rivals all the rest.

Made to be used by both men and women this love doll has a rock hard erection and soft, welcoming lips to add some extracurricular fun to your already lurid and lustful encounter. Whether you’re delving into his mouth, back end or taking his rid for a ride his flesh will always give a bit of pull and shift when pressed against and pulled upon and it feels so much like real flesh once it’s warmed up to you that it will be difficult to determine what’s actually better! Although being able to take off his man meat to wash it certainly helps facilitate a cleanly environment.

Due to the nature of his supple and silken material he must be used with only water based lubrication and should be stored in a cool, dry location, away from heat and direct sunlight. He’s a truly gorgeous toy that’s expertly designed and lovingly created by skilled sculptors and painters to create a once in a lifetime sex doll experience that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Packaged privately and shipped discreetly the King Mansion TPE Male Love Doll is a treat for anyone looking for a hot man to warm up some cool, lonely nights.

Product Specifications

Height: 145cm
Bust: 71cm
Waist: 57cm
Hip: 75cm
Shoulder: 36cm
Leg: 67cm
Arm: 42cm
Hand: 15cm
Foot Length: 19cm
Dildo Length: 15cm
Dildo Diameter: 3.6cm
Weight: 27kg

* The dildo is removable and bendable.

More Information: KingMansion 145cm Male Doll Sex Love Doll TPE Entity Body Lifelike Sexy Real Solid Love Toy for Woman Gay Men

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