Ouch! Pincers Nipple Clamps Nipple Toy Purple by Ouch!

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Manufacturer: Shots Media B.V.
Average Price: $56.75
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Alligator-style clamps with heavy duty weights;Unisex;Perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike;Best choose when you want to impress in the bedroom.

Perhaps a little reminiscent of something you may find in your mechanic’s toolbox this completely metal, light purple Pincer Nipple Clamps from Ouch! are some serious business. These clamps are not recommended for first time clamp users unless you’ve got some serious tissue or nerve damage going on. These puppies will mark the skin and they may cause abrasions if improperly used.

Do not yank on the chain while these are being worn! You may tug, but any force that could cause these clamps to be ripped off instead of unhinging the jaws could easily take some skin with it or at least leave a mark that’s likely to take several days to heal at best.

These nipple clamps are sturdy but still relatively lightweight and are painted throughout in a nice shade of pale purple, including the chain! The Ouch! Pincer Nipple Clamps are lead and nickel free as well and are packaged and shipped in a most private and discreet manner, direct to you directly from our warehouse.

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