Realistic CyberSkin Ass and Balls Stroker

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Manufacturer: Topco
Average Price: $32.99
See Reviews: Topco Handy Andy Cyberskin Ass Stroker with Balls, Light

A stroker designed for those with very selective tastes the Realistic CyberSkin Ass and Balls Stroker is a specialty handheld masturbator that bears the likeness of a taut little tush tunnel resting atop a soft, dual density layered set of hand painted and perfectly detailed balls.

The dual density ensures a life like feel and a realistic shift to the flesh as it is handled and pressed upon while the internal tunnel is ribbed to mimic the feel a real back door experience would give you.

The Realistic CyberSkin Ass and Balls Stroker’s shape is designed not only for realism but also for function as the impeccably detailed balls not only add sensation and something more to grip but they also serve to prop him up and make him ready to receive you, no matter your length or width.

To help accommodate all shapes and sizes and eliminate any difficulty in cleaning the toy out completely this stroker has an open end allowing any length to take part in the fun and a simple and quick clean up when playtime has commenced and you’re ready to store him for a later date.

CyberSkin is a revolutionary material but it needs to be properly cared for if you’re hoping to get a lot of use out of your new and mind blowingly fun little sexual addition. CyberSkin, like most of its kind, is a porous material meaning it is ultra-soft and supple but cannot be heated hot enough to completely sterilize. Therefore you must use only water based lubes and gentle, non-abrasive soaps or specialty toy cleaners. Antibacterial is best!

Once the toy has been cleaned and patted to dry it can be safely stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

If you wish to make the newly cleaned and now slightly tacky flesh silky and smooth again simply apply a light dusting of corn starch or similar renewing powder to the surface of the Realistic CyberSkin Ass and Balls Stroker and rub it gently in. Your toy will go right back to its’ fresh from the box feel and you’ll be satisfied with the drastic and delightful change.

The CyberSkin Realistic Ass and Balls Stroker is packed discreetly and shipped privately.

More Information: Topco Handy Andy Cyberskin Ass Stroker with Balls, Light

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