Sexflesh Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll

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Manufacturer: Sexflesh
Average Price: $171.00
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Chiseled Chad is a cute little SexFlesh male sex doll. He's got a chisled body and a great cock.

Most Dildos are about 7-8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Seven inches is large, eight is extra-large. Chisled Chad's dildo is 8 inches, veined and rigded with a great big head that feels amazing sliding in and out.

Chad also has a ribbed anal tunnel that you can plow into. The anus has a small through hole which makes cleaning the doll easy.

He can be laid down flat, or this base will allow him to stand straight up. The SexFlesh material that covers him is dual-core meaning it feels very lifelike.

The body is well-sculpted and looks great. The rigged muscles and little nipples are testemant to the great amoun of detail put into this gay sex doll.

It's soft where you would expect a ripped male body to be soft and hard around all the musicle.

He's smaller than the average male at 18 inches, but his bendable penis is BIG for the body.

All told, this is a very versatile sex doll.

We love gay and transsexual sex dolls because they offer a lot to play with. You can thrust in and out of the anal tunnel. You can grip, suck or otherwise impale yourself on the dildo, and play with all the sculpted details.

Overall, the Chisled Chad men's SexFlesh sex doll is a great addition to the world of luxury male sex dolls.

If you're looking for a tight little toy with a large penis to play with, Chisled Chad is a good place to start looking.

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