Sexflesh Double Up Dennis Realistic 3D Ass

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Manufacturer: Sexflesh
Average Price: $137.40
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There are so many reasons to like this men's/gay/women's sex toy the best being it can really solve a lot of problems in your life. When you think of sex toys, you usually don't think of them as solving but think about it.

Let's say you're a straight man who wants to experiment with gay sexy. Getting a toy like this is an easy way to fulfilll you fantasies without having to actually proposition another man.

You could even get this toy for you wife or girlfriend and play with it on the sly - this would save you from breaking your vows and still let you experiment. If you're going to share this toy with your partner make sure to clean it VERY well and use a natural, water based sexual lubricant as this will ensure the sex lubricant doesn't degrade the quality of the toy.

Or what if your wife or girlfriend wants to experiment with a threesome but you feel uncomfertable bringing another man into the bed. A sex toy like this let's you play without any risks.

And this is a VERY high quality toy. The ass is tight, tempting and inviting, with a nice textured tube that you can thrust into.

The dildo is 8.5 inches long and 5.25 inches in circumfrance making it a large and solid dildo (about an inch longer than most dildos. While it's solid, it can be beant to a position you like. The entire toy measures 11.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall.

Perhaps the best thing about this sex toy is that it's made of SexFlesh. This is our second favorite sex toy material - the first being Silicone. You can get a lot of amazing sex toys and real dolls made out of SexFlesh. It's a great material.

Sexflesh Double Up Dennis Realistic 3D Ass Video

This is just a simple slideshow video we found online of the Sexflesh Double Up Dennis Sex Toy. It's not THAT impressive, but there are very few videos available for this great gay sex toy.

If you're looking a great shemale / gay sex toy, or a sex toy you can share with your wife or bring into your bed without having to get a full sex doll, we recommend this SexFlesh torso and cock. It's a great place to start. Good stuff here.

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