Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll

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Manufacturer: Sex Flesh
Average Price: $560.53
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Growing dissatisfied playing the usual sex games?

Are you getting tired of using your standard rabbit vibrator or fleshlight and are looking for something new?

This amazing Shemale - the Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll - might be just the thing to spice up your life and add some pizazz to your bedroom sessions

Let the air out of your old blow-up doll and progress into the 21st century with a "friend" that is so realistic she will make you forget that she can't talk back to you.

Imagine an afternoon in the bedroom with your new friend. Where would you start? Her large, round breasts are more than a handful and her rosy, firm nipples will draw your mouth and tongue towards them. Designed to be a replica of the "real thing", your tranny doll has 2 tight holes that look and feel as natural as it gets without having to buy her dinner first! Additionally, her 1.75" wide, 8' long shaft will take you on a ride beyond your wildest dreams.

Whether you are alone with your Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll or she's joining you and your significant other for a threesome, this Love Doll will elevate your sexual encounters to levels they have never before been. With just this one doll you will experience a multitude of sensations and heightened pleasures.

This "All-in-One", sturdy, tranny doll replaces the need for multiple toys that can become old, broken and/or lost. Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, her life-size torso is bendable so you can angle her into several positions and unlike blow-up dolls she is heavy enough that she will stay where you want her so you don't have to hold her down. She is also easy to clean and easily stored while extremely unlikely to misplace.

No longer is it just a fantasy to own a sex doll that you look forward to playing with; that you know will give and bring you joy that you have only dreamed about. The Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll can now be purchased to take that journey of ecstasy with you.

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Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll Video

Here’s a brief video we put together of this amazing shemale sex toy. It’s not that great, but if you like transsexual sex toys or shemale sex dolls, then we recommend you check out the video. Enjoy! And be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel while you’re at it!

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