Spareparts Joque Harness – The Best Sex Harness

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Manufacturer: SpareParts
Average Price: $114.95
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This is the best sex harness we have found. 60 Reviews and Five Stars on Amazon. A GREAT sex harness.

Whether your favorite lassie needs a slow ride or your naughty beau has been acting up, nothing says Happy Valentines Day like the Spareparts Joque Harness! This is a lovingly and responsibly crafted jockey-style harness that will accommodate beginners as well as the more experienced alike.

The main belt of the Spareparts Joque Harness is made of a heavy duty Velcro, while all of the other custom fitting belts use straps. There are two standard sizes to choose from, A and B. Size A works best for people with a 20-50 inch waist/hip measurement and size B is best for people ranging from 35-65 inches.

Visit the Spareparts Hardwear site for instructions on how to measure yourself for your new harness.

The jockey-style harnesses resemble an athletic jock strap, with a pelvic cover and straps that wrap around the top of the legs.

There are a few features of the Joque Harness front cover that truly make this sturdy number one of the easiest harnesses to use. Dildos and vibrators are easily inserted through a pouch woven into the front, and then out through the o-ring in the front. The O-ring will stretch from 1.25 inches to 2.25 inches to hold just about any toy in the cupboard. And its durability ensures that it retains its original 1.25 inch diameter after use with larger toys, and that everything stays put during especially vigorous sessions.

Another nice feature of the Spareparts Joque Harness is that there are smaller pockets both on top and bottom of the main pouch used with bullet vibrators for added excitement. And we fell in love with the soft and breathable fabric used in the harnesses construction. Just wearing it and feeling it against our skin added to our excitement considerably.

In the end, the Spareparts Joque Harness is a landslide favorite that we loved using. It was easy to get into and out of, and adjusted easily to my rather plump physique. And coming in two sizes it seems that just about anyone would be comfortable wearing one of these. It is extremely easy to use, not intimidating for beginners but functional enough for old pros.

The fabric just feels right against flesh, and all three of the dildos we tested in it both stayed put and fit into the o-ring. We used a 1.25 inch rubber dildo, a 1.5 inch glass dildo, and a 1.65 inch stainless steel piece. All three were held firmly in place as we put our new favorite harness through its paces, and we quickly incorporated it into our regular rotation.

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