The Colt Butt Banger

Colt-Butt-BangerFirm yet pleasantly stretchy, the Colt Butt Banger has a nice weighty feel to it, not like some other flimsy toys made from foam or plastic.

Colt Studio Store: Colt Butt Banger

The sleeve is made out of Futurotic™ material that was created to feel just like human skin, and is latex and phthalate free. This is what singles this toy out as one of the very best – its texture.

Easy to clean with mild soap and water, the Colt Butt Banger comes ready with concentrated powder lube to help you get started right away!

Inside, the sleeve is lined with nodules to create the perfect lifelike feel. It’s got an anatomically correct, super tight hole – with requisite balls, which work as a great grip – and we’ve heard lots of people say the sleeve gives you the same degree of tightness, no matter what size your cock is.

A lot of testing and development went into the Colt Butt Banger, and you can feel that the minute you first try it out.

Admittedly, it looks kind of silly, but if you’ve never tried a stroker before, they are TOTALLY worth it and make getting off an amazing experience. This is one of the best gay male sex toys on the market for the price (it’s very cheap).

Extremely life like, the nodules are never uncomfortable, and the Futurotic™ material ensures that you get the most life like sensations you’ve ever felt with any other stroker. This little guy really is a top of the line male sex toy from COLT – one of the world’s best male sex toy makers.

The Colt Butt Banger Details

• Super tight hole for a super tight fit
• Powder lube included
• Easy to clean thermoplastic is designed to feel just like human skin
• 5 in x 3.25 in / 13 cm x 8 cm

Colt Studio Store: Colt Butt Banger

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If you decide to order one, we have one caveat. Get a SMALL sized sleeve. Even if you have a big cock. I got a medium originally, thinking it would be a great fit, but ended up trading it in for a small sized Autoblow 2 sleeve which worked perfectly (and I have a just-slightly above average length penis with a large girth). After that I was VERY happy with this toy.

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