Three Breast Forms, Falsies For Cross Dressing!

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Breast forms are the perfect way to take a flat chest and turn it into a nice rack without having to take hormones or have surgery. Some you wear like a vest. Others you slip into a pocketed bra. We are fans of both types. Below you'll find three breast forms we found that will definitely turn some eyes and will have you feeling feminine and sexxxy.

1. Konmed Silicone Enhancers

Product Material: 100% silicone
Suitable for people:
C: Cross dressers
Product Merit:
A: material advantages, can bite of bionic silicone avirulent insipidity delicate skin Don't glance Due to the material of water (molecules, close skin)
B: the skin tissue close to the density of the skin, simulation design (feel is real Areola realistic)
C: the straps design, convenient, solid (no longer need to rely on the bra retainer

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2. Simple Breast Forms for Cross Dressing


Size:17.5X14X5.8(CM )
Item Type:Breast Form

Prevention of postoperative disproportionate imbalance caused by neck and shoulder pain, torticollis, oblique and scoliosis.
• Protect the chest surgical site from external shocks.
• Compensate for physical defects, increased life confidence.

Product Features:
• Product modeling realistic, with good flexibility.
• Ergonomic design, more comfortable to wear.
• Synchronization body temperature temperature.

Product protection:
• Do not damage or tear the outer protective film.
• Do not squeeze or rub;
• Do not breast implants placed in the sun or exposure to high temperatures.

Routine maintenance
• Cleaning: Use a water rinse (do not use chemical detergents), with a soft cloth;
• When not in use, place it in dedicated packing box, to prevent deformation;
• If you accidentally punctured, immediately place with transparent tape affixed to break;
• Use a professional bra and matching protective bag sets, you can make it better protected.

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3. Envy Isabella Realistic Silicone Breast Form

These silicone breast forms are full and plump with the thin edges so that will blend in your skin naturally. They look nice and give you a large breasted look. Silicone is the best sex toy material and feels VERY realistic to the touch. You can apply them with make up and even trim it as you like!

They have realistic nipples and are meant to be worn with bra and come in a wide variety of styles. Check them out at Amazon for more information. We haven't tried them, but they look like FUN and they are super high quality so we wanted to post them here.

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