Trans, Drag & Cross-Dressing Breast Forms

Breast Forms and Fake Chests You Can Wear

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Breast forms are a way for people that aren’t ready to have plastic surgery, but DO want to cosplay, cross dress or entertain their fantasies and experience having breasts. They are usually a high-end sex toy for people that want to really be the opposite sex.

Breast forms are common in the drag and transsexual communities. There are three types – the kind you slip into bras, the kind you glue on, and the kind you wear like a vest.

The best types of breast form are made from silicone – just like fake breasts! It looks realistic and feels great to the touch. You see a number of silicone breast forms below.

Silicone is a pretty amazing material. It’s strong, will retain body temperature, and it non-porous so bacteria will not collect on it. That said, we recommend keeping your breast forms very clean as they will invariably come into contact with your skin.

You can wash silicone with a gentle, non-abrasive soap and water, but be sure to check the instructions that come with the breast forms. We view ours as an investment in ourselves and our fantasies so we like to treat them with respect.

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We’ve highlighted the three different kinds of breast forms below. You’ll also find a great selection of full strap on and tape on breast forms. There are also a whole new level of vest breast forms that look hyper-realistic and almost cover you completely.

While not quite as versatile as the pocket bra style, these are more realistic and very close to the real thing – at least as far as we can imagine – as you will see.

Vest Style Full Chest Breast Forms

If you don’t have breasts here are some great breast forms for anyone wanting to experiment or play with something temporary. These breast forms were originally designed for women that underwent mastectomies, but they quickly became de riguer in the trans and cross-dressing communities.

The breast forms below are a small collection of ‘vest-style’ breast forms. They are great solution if you want something realistic and secure. You will see them on drag queens around the world.  They are generally made of silicone, which is really an amazing material and the top sex toy material out there. It feels real and feels VERY real when it’s wet or lubed up. We recommend any sex toy made of real silicone.

Buy Vest Style Breast Forms Online

Pocket Bra Breast Forms

Pocket Bra breast forms are basically bras with pockets in them that you can slip small silicone breast forms into. This gives you a classic bra look without having a full synthetic vest on, or having to use tape or glue to hold your breast forms on.

They are also significantly less expensive than full vest breast forms. So you get the same security without the extra weight or cost. We also like the fact that you get to choose from many different bras. These are traditional breast forms. This is another curated collection from Amazon. They have a TON of different styles available.

Buy Pocket Bra Breast Forms Online

Glue-On and Self-Adhesive Breast Forms

Here is the third type of breast forms – glue-on and self-adhesive breast forms. We’ve have another collection below of this type of breast form for you to check out. These are breast forms that adhere to your skin without the need for a special bra or synthetic contraption.

Some of these require an adhesive like double sided tape made specifically for hold breast forms in breast, others are self-adhesive and don’t need a seperate means of getting them attached to your skin. This works great for lo-cut dresses, or dresses without backs on them. This is a very popular type of breast form for cross-dressing or trans play.

We’ve included a VERY helpful video below that will show you how to glue them on. It’s NOT hard but recommend being clean shaven before you do! We’ve attached them without being free of chest hair, and have paid the price. Learn from our experience!

How to Glue On Breast Forms

Here a nice video from Janet’s Closet – the world’s largest crossdressing store! – that lays out what you’ll need to glue on breast forms. You can find out if this style is right for you.

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