The Best Anal Lube and Desensitizer

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We love Swiss Navy lubes for a variety of reasons – luxe packaging, made in the USA, high-quality lubricants, trustworthy products. We’ve used Swiss Navy lubes for a long time (Swiss Navy and Astroglide lubes are our favorite. So when asked to recommend what we thought of as the best anal lubricant available, we upon […]

Three Breast Forms, Falsies For Cross Dressing!

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Breast forms are the perfect way to take a flat chest and turn it into a nice rack without having to take hormones or have surgery. Some you wear like a vest. Others you slip into a pocketed bra. We are fans of both types. Below you’ll find three breast forms we found that will […]

Transsexual Sex Doll Video – Our Youtube Channel

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We’ve started laying out our new Youtube Channel where you can find videos about the. . .er . . .sexier side of live. Here’s a video we uploaded featuring one of the hottest SexFlesh transsexual sex dolls currently available. It’s just a fun slideshow video, but we promise we’re getting better! Because of the nature […]

Top Ten Trans Sex Toy Gifts for All Genders

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Top Trans and Gay Sex Toy Gifts (with a couple shemale toys thrown in for fun!) for ALL genders The holidays are fast approaching and many people are searching for the best shemale and gay sex toys to get their partners. To that end we’ve create our picks for the “Top Ten Shemale and Gay […]

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