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Shemale & Transsexual Sex ToysTranssexual and Shemale Sex Dolls

Tranny sex toys, shemale sex toys and transsexual sex toys from across the internet are all collected at our site. We review transsexual sex dolls, realistic dildos and gay sex toys of all shapes and sizes.

Transsexual and shemale sex toys give you the best of both worlds, with sex parts for every one to play with. They are a also a great way for people to live out tranny fantasies without having to engage in any risky behavior.

If you're looking for a Transsexual, Transgender, Shemale, TS or Gay sex toy or sex doll you're sure to find something fun to play with on our site. We try to provide links to all the toys so you can purchase them worry free.

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TranToys | Recent Articles

Spencer Reed After Hours Doggie Style Stroker
  View this Toy at Amazon Product Rating: | Stars Total Number of Reviews: | View All Reviews Manufacturer: unspecified Lowest Price: Too low to display. No description available. Learn More:  […]
Cyberskin Virtual Boyfriend, Light
  View this Toy at Amazon Product Rating: | Stars Total Number of Reviews: | View All Reviews Manufacturer: unspecified Lowest Price: Too low to display. No description available. Learn More:  […]
FST 3D Male Sex Doll - Gay Sex Doll
Gay sex doll - torso style - with a huge cock and smaller body. This male sex doll is a fun little gay sex toy. Nipples!!
Sexflesh Do-me David Masturbator
Never be with a bottom. This is a great toy for pounding into! Small, tight, and great against your cock. Balls!!!
After Hours Junior Stellano Doggie Style
Modeled after gay porn star Junior Stellano, this is a fun little bottom toy with two hands spreading the cheeks apart to make it more realistic.
Topco Sales Cyberskin Virtual Heartthrob Medium
These strange pelvis toys from Topco come in both male and female styles. We like them A LOT.

Newest Shemale Sex Toy Reviews

We keep you up to date on the latest and greatest transsexual, shemale and gay sex toys available. Below you'll find the latest transsexual sex toy reviews and shemale toy news here at TranToys.com. From strokers and kinky boots to full size gay sex dolls - we've got a lot for you to check out.

If you want a simple-to-navigate list of all the toys on our site, click here: All the Shemale Sex Toys on our Site.

Additionally, we recently put together a toplist of the best tranny porn sites on the internet. These are all web site of individual tranny and shemale porn stars and models. There's some beautiful ladies here. We suggest taking your time. It's a one of a kind collection of transsexual porn material: Transsexual PornStar Membership Site Directory!

TranToys | Transsexual & Shemale Sex Dolls

Fuck Me Silly Mia - Mia Isabella Pornstar Sex Doll
Mia Isabella is one of the world's most popular transsexual porn stars. Her toys are incredible and this is the best one!
Fuck Me Silly Dude Mega Masturbator
This is a great male sex doll from Pipedream Products. The cock is big, the body is sculpted and the back is flat so you can reallly bang into it.
Ebony Black Sex Doll from Sexzie
High-quality black, ebony sex doll. This real doll is a great male sex doll with a big thick cock.
Sexflesh Tranny Terri Love Doll
Wonderful full-size transsexual sex toy. This SexFlesh doll is one of the few tranny sex dolls, and one of the best.
SexZie06 Lady Boy Realistic Life Size Love Doll
We love these high quality sex dolls. This is one of the few luxury transsexual sex doll available. And this one is lux.
Tyler Rocks Male Gay Sex Doll
Pipedream Extreme is one of our favorite sex doll manufacturers and one of the few sex toy makers to make great quality gay dolls. This Tyler Rockz doll is a great example.
All Shemale and Transsexual Real Dolls

Shemale Sex Dolls, Transsexual Sex Dolls

These sex dolls form the core of our site and are simply awesome. There are some really amazing and futuristic toys here - as well as some rather large sex toys for people that like to invest in their pleasure. While bigger doesn't always mean better, the large tranny and shemale torso size sex dolls and masturbators are quite astounding and super fun to play with.

We especially like that there is something for everyone. If you're looking for a pair of breasts to play with - the tranny sex doll has them. Need a hole to insert your cock into - the tranny sex doll has one. Or do you want a cock to insert into yourself? Well, the tranny sex doll has got you covered there as well. All in all - shemale sex toys are great sex toys

You can see an easy to navigate list of all the transsexual sex dolls and large shemale torso sex toys here: TranToys Sitemap. There's a lot of amazing sex toys here and we're sure you're going to find something you love.

Realistic Dildos & Vibrating Cocks

Who doesn't love a large shemale or transsexual cock? While realistic dildos are not exactly transsexual or shemale sex toys per se, these realistic dildos are certainly an easier (and less expensive) way to satisfy a TS fantasy than getting a huge transsexual sex doll.

That said, you'll certainly find some realistic dildos that are modeled after transsexual adult stars and some that are more generic in nature. Transsexual porn star, Mia Isabella has a number of great sex toys molded after her, as does Wendy Williams.

Black, white, big, or small you're certain to find a dildo you'll like, check out the collection on our main realistic dildo page for a huge selection of great cocks.

Buy Shemale Sex Toys and Tranny Sex Toys Online

Realistic SexFlesh Dildos

SexFlesh is a sex toy material that was originally developed by NASA for astronauts. It was used in the seats of the Gemini and Apollo space missions. It's soft, pliable and feels incredibly life-like.

Because astronauts in the 60s would have to stay seated for long periods of time in their space capsules, they needed a hypo-allergenic material that was soft and firm at the same time. They came up with a spongy substance that would eventually trickle down into the private sector and become one of the most perfect sex toy materials - SexFlesh.

The space material was turned into a sex toy material by XR Brands, and they make some of the best sex toys in the world with it. SexFlesh is soft, yet solid and best of all feels incredibly life like and amazing when wet or lubed up.

You can find a number of SexFlesh dildos below. They are top of the line, pretty big, and they have suction cups on the bottom so you can keep them in place, and free up your hands to do other things.

Transsexual Sex Dolls AT AMAZON!

We've curated this great selection of transsexual sex dolls and shemale sex toys from Amazon. Yes, Amazon actually has a huge assortment of gay, shemale and transsexual sex toys and sex dolls. In fact, tranny sex toys and realistic shemale sex dolls are some of the biggest selling sex toys in Amazon.

That said, it's often hard to find transsexual and shemale sex toys on their site. That's one of the main purposes of THIS website - to help our visitors find otherwise difficult to source sex toys and sex dolls. Whether you're looking for the latest Mia Isabella real doll or the a giant butt plug from the Wendy Williams collection - you're sure to find some amazing out of the box plaything here at TranToys.com.

Besides their big collection of amazing transsexual sex toys, we all like Amazon to purchase sex toys, especially shemale sex toys, because you can order safely and your package will be sent discreetly. So, clicking the links below will open the toys in Amazon and hopefully send you spirallying on an amazing journey of dicovery into the world of transsexual and shemale sex toys.

(We also recommend poking around our website because we have a lot of great transsexual and shemale sex toys to peruse here as well!

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